Content Marketing Platform For Growing Companies


Turning Growing Companies Into Thought Leaders

We believe in awesome content. Content people love to read, share and talk about. We believe in content that answers questions, provides valuable information and inspires to do better.

We believe every business should have the resources to produce such content.

That’s why we’ve developed Contentools: a powerful content marketing software crafted to growing companies’ needs and goals. Equipped with everything you need to plan, organize, distribute and measure your content production and performance.

Let your users fall in love with your brand, create great content with Contentools.


Be The Solution

We don't delegate, we don't complain. We take action. 

Defy Your Limits

Do more with less. Think big. Never settle.


We win together, we lose together. And go on as a team. 

Enjoy The Ride

We can't foresee the outcome, but we make the ride worthwhile.


“I’m not a consumer; I want life quality. I want to have fun. I want to be respected and valued by my friends. I want to build new friendships and love. I want to learn, I want to evolve as a human being and be a better professional.” – Emilia Chagas, CEO @Contentools

Do you relate to this? Your customers and users do too. Talking to customers is not just about selling our products, not anymore. It’s about communicating our mission and delivering our value proposition, long before advertising our services.

The tools are different, the purpose stays the same: content has always fueled change, spreading education, ideas, and knowledge. In the digital age, shouting our message is not enough: our signal needs to stand out from the noise. We need to gain trust and build communities. We need to conquer, engage, delight, and sharing content that matters is the best way to make our readers fall in love with our business.

Content to read, to watch, to learn from and get inspired by. Content to share with friends and colleagues to delight, surprise, inform. More and more people will receive your newsletters, read your posts, download your content and perceive you as a thought leader. And when it’s time to buy, those readers will remember your name.

This is Content Marketing real benefit. Beyond mere lead generation and customer acquisition, Content Marketing amplifies the reach of our messages, turns us into thought leaders and builds communities of passionate followers.

This is not the future of selling, it’s its present.

Tools change. Content is timeless. – Contentools.