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The Surfe Digital Marketing Agency

Surfe Digital is a digital marketing agency focused on online performance and brand intelligence. They create and implement high-performance digital marketing strategies through content, inbound, advance behavior monitoring and a lot of KPI tracking.

In order to provide value to their clients in a concise way, they have created a stack of marketing tools to keep their services professionalized and their processes automated.

What about their client 

Vic Engenharia is a company specialized in building residential condominiums for low and middle-class families.

Founded in 2010, the company has the mission to bring the dream of having its own home a reality. Their differential is quality, price and easy access for a good pricing.

The Problem

When they first hired Surfe, their main problem was generating opportunities for the sales team using digital marketing and consequently increase their sales numbers.

At the time, they already had a website with their enterprise and some campaigns running on social media. Some of the biggest issues they have found right away were:

  • The low attention rate (visitors engagement);
  • Low conversion rate, lack of CTA (Call-to-action);
  • Not enough content and consistency;

The Solution

The first step was to actually build a plan that was tailored to Vic’s needs and their customers’ ideal profile. In order to do that, Surfe had to get a deep understanding of how they work, to whom they sell, how did they buy, what are their biggest challenges and the buyers’ journey.

Right away, they started the creation and implementation of the plan through Contentools content marketing platform.

First, they invited all content professionals to the team and taught them about the strategy. That way, everyone was using the same tool, all the information was registered in the same place and everyone had access to the same kind and level of information. Even freelancers who didn’t know the company until then, were aware of persona description, buyers journey, keywords and their goals.

After that, they started to validate some channel hypothesis and check the results they were getting from each of them. As Contentools offer an integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Zapier, they were able to distribute content in all of them and keep track of engagement metrics as they publish more content.

Through the Content Library, they were able to see which channel and which content was performing better and that made it all easier to validate which channel was bringing more traffic, which images were performing better and which kind of content had higher CTR.

Besides all that, the team started running A/B tests, create email cadences for nutrition and sending more and more leads to their sales team as the traffic and conversion increased.
Contentools also made it easier for Surfe to organize the email campaigns texts and landing page copies and getting them all approved through a workflow. As the content needs to go through production > revision > approval > publishing.

The Results

With a strategy completely based on content marketing, it was possible to define appropriate personas (and keep track of how many pieces of content they were producing for each stage of the funnel as well as for each persona), validate which channels were actually bringing qualified traffic, and centralize all management and communication efforts on a automated way.

The results were clear: only 18 days after the first content was published, they generated 451 sales opportunities to the sales team, from 758 leads converted, and over 8k visitors.

Only 4 months later, 12 sales were confirmed. Those sales represented more than $560k on a $40k avg ticket.

The traffic increased in more than 50% above the goal established for the campaign. Their lead-gen goal was surpassed by 217% and the sales opportunities went 2,686% above the initial goal.


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