What’s Superlogica

Superlogica is a SaaS company that helps businesses with a recurring revenue, of all sizes, organize their finances in a centralized way. With tools specialized for each segment and a whole stack of tools and features, they are loved by CFOs all around the world.

The problem

Until then, they hadn’t really intensified their efforts with content marketing. They were publishing around 4 blog posts/month and 1 ebook, but there wasn’t much strategy and focus on that because they had four different solutions, for more than four different personas, in four completely different market segments. It was too hard and time-consuming to keep a content strategy for all those personas, products and channels.

They also had a free-trial form and were capturing some leads through that, but not enough to keep up with their growth goals.

The Solution

One expressive factor of all of this changes is their new hire Thawnee Barroso, the new growth hacker and responsible for managing the content side of their expansion.

During the onboarding sessions, Thawnee structured all the production workflows for each of their content types and for each of their market segment. As they try to keep themselves as lean as possible, they used Contentools Marketplace to hire a content professionals to help them out with the new scale of content production.

Through that, they were able to find someone who was not only expert on content production but was also inbound marketing certified and had been involved with that specific market segment.

The Results

After only one month of heavy content marketing efforts, they were able to increase their free trial conversions up to 2.8x and the volume of new customers per month twice.

That path kept opening up as they kept their content efforts running for the next four months.

As a Growth Hacker, I need to worry with the timing and with my team. Since we started using Contentools – Content Marketing Platform, the efficiency reached a whole new level. I’m able to keep track of everything related to content, schedule publications and there’s nothing ever delayed!

Besides that, Thawnee noticed that the plans they were selling were bigger than the previous ones. That helped them not only increase the number of new clients but the average deal size as well (NMRR).

In a nutshell:

  • Doubled their number of closed deals;
  • Not a single delayed content;
  • Free trials conversion grew 2.8x
  • Average deal size increased 40%;
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