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If you have a clear content marketing strategy aligned with your business goals, what about optimizing it?

Marketing agencies are betting more and more on content marketing automation, which means leveraging technology to automate and speed up what was done manually.

If your company focuses on results and is always looking for ways to make processes more productive and profitable, automating content marketing activities will help you make that happen.

Here are 10 reasons why you should start using technology to automate your content marketing.

1. Scale the Content Marketing Process

With the use of a content marketing platform, new processes emerge to facilitate the distribution of tasks among writers and editors.

After that, marketing analysts can also scale the use and distribution of this content according to the strategy outlined.

2. Maintain frequency and rhythm of posts

As you know, for a content strategy to be successful it’s essential to release fresh content frequently to keep your audience interested and engage and automating content production processes increases the chances of meeting your publishing deadlines.

With a content management platform your deadlines can be determined in the system and easily monitored. That is the end of deadline problems.

3. Ensure content promotion

When your content is done, it’s time to share it with your audience. With specific tools, your company can create and send emails to all your leads in a more assertive way.

Automation also lets you schedule publications in social media, ensuring consistency and variety.

In addition, you can analyze the engagement generated and measure the success of a publication or of an entire campaign.

Another important element of your content promotion is reaching out to influencers and content creators in your space. Your best bet is to connect with them via cold email, and you can automate your outreach with a tool like Mailshake.

4. Maintain a quality standard

Standardizing processes and content quality must be a part of every organization’s strategy.

Posting an article, choosing or creating images, formatting texts, among other tasks involved in content production can all be set up in the system.

Synchronizing platforms to reduce the operational time loss in each step separately also contributes to a significant increase in the quality of your content.

After all, this way professionals can focus on coming up with strategic activities, such as analysis of results and suggestion of creative and target-focused content.

5. Precision of strategy based on the sales funnel

When automating a content marketing strategy, it’s possible to program the steps of interaction with the leads in a personalized and intelligent way.

You can separate your leads according to the stage of the funnel they have to go through until they reach the sales team.

This lead path makes the process more accurate and effective, since the sales reps will reach out when the prospect is ready to buy, at the end of the funnel.

Tools also allow you to target and prioritize the public according to the stage within the sales funnel.

For example: group X will be fed with a sequence of custom activities and content periodically, until it progresses through all the stages of the sales funnel.

Remember that content marketing is all about accurancy, only producing the right piece of content to the right audience it will be able to bring good marketing results. Delivering content on time and to the right person is necessary for a successful strategy.

6. Keep a lean team

When a great part of the lead education and preparation work is done automatically, the need for a large marketing team decreases.

When your team contacts your leads manually there is little time to apply efforts in creating the “paths” that the leads will have to go through.

Once the paths are created and well-planned, lead nurturing is done automatically, sparing you from rework or having to rethink an entire strategy.

7. Manage multiple channels or accounts

Agencies have to manage multiple accounts. Doing this manually can lead to mistakes, which undermine the client’s strategy and the agency’s image.

Imagine posting content from one customer into another customer’s account?

This could happen, but it can be easily avoided when using a platform to manage different channels and accounts.

Instead of publishing posts manually, you can schedule content to be released automatically.

Synchronizing with social networks also helps optimizing the work.

The marketing team can set an automatic publishing calendar for each of the networks in a predefined time frame according to a schedule agreed with the client.

If a company does not have a large marketing team, the automation of channel management is also a great way to increase productivity.

It can make process more profitable as more activities can be done with the spare time.

8. Documented and centralized strategy

Maintaining your strategy documented and protected in one safe place is essential for the effectiveness of your future actions.

By centralizing the information about the strategy in one place your marketing team can consult it every time they need to make changes, revisions or even re-plan the strategy completely.

After all, there is no point in creating a smart strategy if you get off track every once in a while.

9. Assertive Monitoring

Information delivered by users on landing pages is strategic to content marketing. They can work as insights for creating new materials as well as for distributing content.

In addition, it’s possible to monitor the interaction of users in your blog on a daily basis and learn important information such as how many people are downloading your e-books, who are they, which emails were accepted and opened, how are the visits to your pages done, among other data.

With automation tools it’s quick and easy to set up and generate reports that transform this data into relevant information that will help you make more assertive decisions.

The manager has a holistic and panoramic view of the whole strategy and can modify it or follow it as planned.

10. Increase Sales

We would not be talking about all the advantages of content marketing automation without mentioning the most desired result: increasing sales.

We have already talked a little about some ways in which automation can help with sales, but it goes further. Lead nurturing for potential customers that are not yet ready to buy, identification of their purchase stage and the increase in the investment of the leads generated by content marketing are three big pluses.

Addressing the right content to take the lead to the next stage, educating them on the subject, helping them recognize their problem and investing in a solution ensures more qualified leads.

When marketing provides the appropriate content and prepares the lead for the sale, it is expected that their investments will be larger when they decide to make a purchase.

Do you know any more reasons to use content marketing automation? Share them with us! And if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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  1. Thanks for posting. With a good strategy and content, it can’t be too difficult to have a successful marketing automation campaign. I’ve started using GetResponse two months ago and so far I’m really happy about marketing automation.

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