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“Every company is a tech company” – P. Sondergaard – Gartner

Nowadays nearly all companies employ technology, and this revolution has transformed the way people work, interact with other people and even learn. For companies, automation is one of the keys for success, due to its potential to simplify processes, management and customize the approach and relationship with leads and customers.

Indeed, an IDC global survey found out companies that invest in technology to manage their processes grow faster than those which do not!

When we think about Content Marketing, there are 2 categories of platforms that can boost your results: MAPs and CMPs. While Marketing Automation Platforms are focused on the leads – generation, management and nutrition, Content Marketing Platforms are focused on the content – planning, production and distribution.

“The future of Marketing belongs to Marketing Automation, the same way sales and CRM systems have became synonymous.” -Sourabh Mathur.

MAPs – like MaaxMarket – enables your marketing team to cathegorize leads, set customized e-mail campaigns, analyse the touch-points that generate leads and much more.

“Content is King” – Bill Gates

CMPs – like Contentools Platform – can subsitute a handful of other tools, such as spreadsheets, emails and cloud storage, avoiding loss of info, missed deadlines, saving time and money. Contentools has also many other features, such as SEO content optimizer and content library.

Together, both platforms are bound to rocket your marketing results! That’s why both companies agreed on offering an automation kit for a reasonable subscription fee.

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