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Adopting a new tool to manage your clients’ content is a delicate choice.

You’re concerned about costs, overlap with your current stack and, most of all, you’re reluctant to change a process that so far has been working fine.

It’s a typical reaction we are conservative by nature, especially when there’s a lot at stake. and being conservative is often the easiest path.

However, in a competitive industry such as the digital marketing one, making conservative decisions often means being left behind.

Below, you can find a few points to take into account are a few points to take into account when evaluating wether to adopt a content marketing platform for you agency.

Hope they’ll help you make the best decision for your agency and your clients.

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Arguably, your process is working fine.

After all, you spent hours setting it up and refining it to fit your current situation.

However, as well rounded as it can be, it relies on unintegrated technologies, not designed for content teams, and this comes with a number of consequences:

1 – It doesn’t leverage automation

Recurrent and repetitive activities have to be performed manually.

  • Managing workflows
  • Updating the editorial calendar
  • Publishing on WordPress
  • Posting on social media

Dozens of small actions you and your team need to repeat every day, for N pieces of content, jumping from tool to tool.

Minutes that turn into hours, you could be spending creating more content for your current customers or building relationships with new ones.

Contentools keeps your workflows running, your editorial calendar up to date and does all the posting and publishing for you.

[With Contentools Workflows the platform will keep your content production running with automated notifications and deadlines]

[Integrate Contentools with your clients’ WordPress and social account, schedule the posts and the platform will publish everything for you]

2 – It’s not updated in real time

With your current system, every change in the process needs to be communicated and submitted manually to all your systems (calendar, project management software, spreadsheets).

A time consuming process that relies on everyone’s discipline to update statuses and promptly communicate with one other.

And even when everyone “follows the protocol” you’ll become aware of bottlenecks and delays only when the responsible finds the time to reach out to you, or worse, when the deadline arrives and content is not ready.

Here’s how one of our prospects described his weekly content management process:

Ok what happened this week, let’s look through each and every item, check status, make sure that the status is reflecting where it actually is at, if it’s not, update the status, ping the person who’s is currently in that fold, ask him if it’s done and if content can be passed to the next person. If so, do that communication. Then repeat the same process with each thing that it’s due that week to make sure it’s on track and then look to the t the content due dates and so on…

Sounds familiar?

With Contentools, every time an action is performed, a workflow is edited or a piece of content is late, it will be reflected in all your management tools:

  • the editorial calendar
  • the production dashboard and
  • the production list

They’ll all be updated in real time to reflect the new situation, allowing you know exactly what needs to be done and when.

[Easily spot bottlenecks and delays with Contentools Dashboard]

3 – It’s not transparent

Using different tools to manage your clients’ content translates into different log ins, passwords, user experiences, onboarding and so forth.

Arguably this complicates interactions with your clients and prospects, increasing the chances of misalignment and re-work.

Most of our customers report that Contentools simple and intuitive interface helped them increase their clients involvement in the creation process, which resulted in stronger relationships and higher retention. (coming soon a case study on the subject).

[Invite your clients on Contentools defining role and permissions]

[Easily suggest and brainstorm new ideas with your clients and keep them centralized and organized in the Idea Pipeline]

4 – It’s not designed to scale

To step up your game and gain an edge over your competitors, you can either invest in people, processes or tools.

Contentools is the solution you need to equip your stellar team with a tool that leverages cutting edge technologies to automate tried and tested processes.

[From the Editorial Calendar to the Content Editor: manage all your clients’ content in one place]

All of this at a 10th of the price of other content marketing platforms in the market.

If you’re still on the fence, here’s link to a presentation from Hiten Shah, founder of Kissmetrics and Quicksprout, about why the future of marketing belongs to all-in-one platforms.


I hope the information above will help you with your decision.

To learn more about how Contentools can help you provide a better service to your clients and grow your agency, click the call to action below.

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