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You know that content marketing is essential to business growth, you already have some experience with content marketing and inbound marketing and now you want to increase your ROI, right?

If your content production machine already works and you need to optimize your content to generate more leads, welcome, we’ve prepared this post with the top tips on content optimization for you to increase the number of leads and reach your goal. Follow us!

How to build content that converts?

First of all, you need to know how to produce content that will convert visitors into leads and customers. After all, it’s not just about optimizing a particular content, but also checking to see if it was built to generate conversions.

A converting content:

  • is produced according to a particular stage of the sales funnel
  • with a vocabulary which is taylored for your audience’s knowledge and interests
  • presents well defined keyword and goal, good design and readability
  • is relevant to the persona
  • solves a problem of the visitor and encourages the conversion through a call to action

Browse your content inventory and review your production to see if they cater to all of these items. Then check the performance of each content to decide which ones will be optimized.

How to identify the performance of your content?

To decide what content to prioritize for optimization, you need to check the performance of each one of them. Review the following points:

  • Organic traffic: How many visitors have seen it? Has there been an increase or decrease in this number?
  • Engagement: Are the visitors interacting and clicking on calls to action?
  • Sharing in social media: How many shares has it achieved? Along with this number, was there an increase in access to the promoted page?
  • Average Page Time and Bounce Rate: How long is the stay on the page? What is the bounce rate?

Remember that content can take time to take off and perform well. So before you submit any lower rated article for optimization, make sure that you’ve set realistic metrics to come to that conclusion.

How to perform content optimization to generate more leads?

You have already verified which pieces of content convert and listed which ones should be optimized. Now, it’s hands on! The strategies listed below will help you optimize your old production – and even content you are still to produce.

Use long tail keywords : content with long tail keywords usually have better search engine results. As you may already know, this type of keyword is quite specific and less crowded. Therefore, achieving a good ranking in the search engines is much easier.

Make good use of keyword planning tools to identify which words you should use and develop content that is valuable to you.

Use powerful words in your titles: to generate more leads, you need more visitors, right? And to have more visits, you need to stand out from the content available online and get the attention of your audience. For this, make good use of powerful words and strong adjectives in your titles so that your content gains prominence and achieves a good performance. Remember that a good title needs to be clear, urgent, useful and sharpen the curiosity of the reader. Some other adjustments like adding a colon, question mark and using specific numbers and data in the title are effective ways to attract more visitors, increase your clickthrough rate and have more results.

Write a compelling meta description with the keyword: the meta description can dramatically impact on engagement and click through rate. The meta description is a short text that you must use to “sell” your content to the user who is doing the search, to motivate you to click on your link. So create a compelling meta description without forgetting to enter the keyword, making sure it’s included so that it looks natural and makes sense, without forcing it into the text.

Fulfill the promise stated in the title: The content has to answer the user’s questions, fulfilling the promise stipulated in the title. If you promised quick hacks to solve a problem, do not submit a detailed tutorial. After all, if the content does not meet the user’s intent, it will hardly bring results.

Invest in your content’s design: content is not just text! Investing in an attractive design will make a difference – especially if you write about a subject that is already saturated. Adding visuals and “coloring” the page can increase the visitor’s willingness to continue reading by 80%. Articles with images or videos used throughout the text are usually shared twice as long.

Add calls to action throughout the text: Insert CTAs at strategic points throughout the content, not just at the end. Make sure the call is clearly telling the visitor what they should do – download an e-book, sign up for a webinar, etc. CTAs must be related to what is being handled in the content.

Content optimization is a must do strategy to increase organic traffic, strengthen your authority on the subject, increase your base of leads and achieve better rates. Invest in it and get ready to improve your results!

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