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Contentools and GrowthHackers have joined operations to offer a full stack of software for growth and marketing, with artificial intelligence at its core. We’ve partnered to double down on our mission to help growth and marketing teams unleash their full potential, becoming more productive and successful.

Now we’re on the way to rebrand Contentools to GrowthHackers Workflow, the software thousands of marketing teams use to centralize their content operation. Here’s what these teams find in our solution and how we’re developing our key capabilities to help them go further:

  • Collaboration platform: teams can centralize multiple content projects to create, publish, and analyze their marketing campaigns in one single place.
  • Automated workflow: managers can go beyond tracking tasks and understand the status of all content projects as they progress, with reliable and timely information.
  • AI-powered content insights (available for beta): algorithm which connects with the acquisition stack, analyzes data, and delivers actionable insights from online gaps and opportunities to explore.
  • Asset management and documentation: dedicated areas to store, organize, and bring visibility to key information, tasks, work in progress, and final assets.
  • Intelligent content editor: where marketers can create content in-app with an SEO indicator in place, centralizing briefing, versioning, publishing fields and chain of social posts in one single view.
  • Centralized calendar: integrated views for all content initiatives and filters by content type, channel, assignee, keywords, and tags allow teams to understand what’s in the pipeline to be published.
  • Auto-publishing for websites, blogs, and social media: integrations with WordPress, Hubspot, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN (and more) save teams hours every week.
  • Customizable integrations: API and push integrations with Google Analytics, Hubspot, Drive and +1,000 third-party tools through Zapier allow teams to coordinate and improve the way they operate.

The combination of these capabilities makes GrowthHackers Workflow the highest-rated solution in the content marketing category. Other than the name change and our renewed commitment, everything else remains the same. As we build for the future, we’re staying focused on our mission, vision and values — stay tuned for updates on new functionalities and feature improvements we’re preparing for the coming months.

Finally, we want to thank every user for choosing GrowthHackers Workflow to power their content marketing and invite you to learn more about:

  • GrowthHackers Experiments: a software for growth teams to increase their learning velocity and quickly discover breakout growth opportunities.

  • the community for the growth obsessed to connect and get inspired.

  • GrowthHackers Conference: the annual gathering of the world’s largest community for business growth.

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