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Instagram limitation for content marketing or Inbound marketing isn’t new, still there is an increasing number of successful marketing cases in this network!

Can Instagram be used in your business, or is it a narrow social network that relies on a passing “fad”?

We put together this article with some tips and success cases that will surprise you!

Instagram Limitations for Digital Marketing

Before we start, let’s take a look at some limitations of this network. If you already work with Instagram, you might want to skip this part.

1 – It is not easy to create links for your website ?

First of all, Instagram does not allow external links in conventional posts, nor on pictures, nor even in the post’s text!

But there are three ways to create external links on Instagram:

  1. In your profile/bio description;
  2. Via paid advertisement;
  3. Since the beginning of 2017, it is also possible to create links in your Stories. But in order to do that, you must have more than 10.000 followers or a verified account.

Although this limits Instagram’s role in digital marketing, it is not at all a deterrent factor.  Different from most social networks, Instagram does not work very well for conversion itself, though it indirectly supports this and other metrics, as we will see at the end of this article.

2 – Schedule a post? You can’t ?

Another limitation is that you can’t schedule a post publication on Instagram! That means that, after building a strategy for your editorial calendar, regardless of the tool you use for management, the post itself will have to be done manually.

Instagram has adopted this policy because its motto is to be instantaneous.  It is a way of controlling the quality of contents in the social network. It is also a way of avoiding spammers or that flood of posts that is so common in other platforms.  So, Instagram is lighter, commercial and personal posts are more balanced. Some say that this is the reason why Instagram engagement is higher when compared with other social networks.

Can apps make automatic posts? ☠️

If you are looking for a solution to automatically post on Instagram, be very careful! Some platforms do this by breaking the network’s terms of use, and this can put your account in risk.

More and more users and companies accounts are being deleted by or banned from Instagram due to automatized publication services!

To get your scheduled publications, these solutions use robots that store your username and password, so the provider has full access to your account, and if something happens, you will be held accountable.

To manage your Instagram publications use semi-automatized solutions, that:

  1. Offer an interface for you to prepare your posts beforehand and to manage your publication dates;
  2. Send a notification when it is time to post;
  3. Then you will simply have to post it. ?

Our platform of content offers this integration, learn more about it here.

So, is it worthwhile after all?

Yes, and the reason is simple: Instagram generates 58 times more engagement than Facebook and 120 times more engagement than Twitter! If this will not impress you, maybe the fact that Instagram has overcome the mark of 700 million active monthly users, – making it to the select club of social networks with over 1 billion active users, like Facebook and WhatsApp – will.

You can find more data on digital marketing and Instagram engagement in this article.

Nike approves it!

One good example of digital marketing success on Instagram is this Nike campaign that, in 2013, has accomplished selling over 34 thousand shoes in one month, with zero media cost, with the campaign PHOTOiD, where clients could print their Instagram pictures on their sneakers.

Are you on B2B? Instagram also works very well for you, check out these cases.

Example of Mailchimp B2B post

How to use Instagram for Digital Marketing?

Instagram, at least without paid advertisement, will hardly be your major channel for leads generation or conversion.  Instead, it works very well for brand building, fostering communities and specially to give your inbound an overall more human touch. This may sound too abstract, but this network is the biggest opportunity that you will have to get emotionally closer to your market, to generate a performance increase to your funnel, and even to your base of client’s retention.

Tips on what you can do to pump out your digital marketing on Instagram:

  1. Foster and capture content that has been organically generated by your clients;
  2. Publicize the culture and value of your company and its stakeholders;
  3. Put the spot light on your clients and their success cases;
  4. Show that you care about the same things your client does;
  5. Display your products, either physical products or not.

Are you ready to set your profile? We wrote this other article  specifically to help you with the first steps to build your strategy.

In conclusion…

Instagram may not be as straightforward as Twitter or Facebook, where you can simply share content that is relevant to your market and receive clicks in return. That means you will have to be a little bit more patient and creative.

You can be expressive, as most humans naturally are and expect you to be. Your followers want to feel that you have something in common.  This strategy may not bring you sales or conversions directly, immediately or in an easy-to-track fashion.  (Although you can insert links in your profile or Stories). But, once your audience is big enough, it will do all of that for you! It is also going to impact current and future clients with the image you want.

One last thing: questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments section down bellow.

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