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Friday, September 18 – The day that will change Content Marketing forever!

As you know, Contentools was designed to help you collaborate with your team and improve your content creation process.

Thanks to our customers feedback and suggestions, we realized there’s no such thing as “too much talent” and decided to take one step further and bring the game on another level. Contentools’ entire team is excited to introduce you:

The Content Team in the Cloud

Starting today, beside managing your own content team, you can use the team builder to tap in our network of content professionals. Handpicked writers and editors from all around the world to help you scale your content marketing, explore new verticals or simply back your team up.

The Network

The professionals are carefully selected, and evaluated based on 5 parameters:

– Writing skills
– Expertise on specific verticals / markets
– Inbound Marketing
– Reliability
– SEO skills

To keep the networks quality high, professionals are evaluated weekly, based on their work and customers’ reviews.

How It Works

On the professional’s personal profile, you can find useful information such as: personality / experience / previous works. Once you find the perfect fit, simply invite her to join your team: she’ll receive a notification and will be added to your team upon acceptance.

From that point on, it’s up to you: together, define fees, roles and craft your own agreement.

Learn how to invite content professionals in 28 seconds.
Team / Find Content Professional / Pick The Writer / Invite

With the professionals network on your side, nothing can hold you back!

Happy content creation! 🙂

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