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Contentools has released a new feature for our users. Now you can promote your content on social media through a simple timeline, selecting specific dates for your posts to be published.

No more worrying about posting and reposting that piece of content, schedule a chain of posts and let the platform promote-your-content.

How does it work?

Setting a chain of social posts

Through the blog post editor, it’s possible to create a chain of social posts that will be published only after the blog post is released and it’s quite easy to set it:


When you access the Social area on the platform, you’ll find suggested dates to publish each post, although these are just suggestions and can be set according to your thoughts. They are based on the date you publish the original post, so you have to think about how many days later you’d like to publish each social post.

So have in mind that: if a blog post is scheduled and then postponed, all related social posts will also be delayed accordingly.

How to relate a social post to promote-your-content

Quite simply, actually, just click on + next to the suggested date or next to the last one to choose a different date


When you set the date, a new window will show up, then you can edit the social post as you wish. It’s possible to create a draft for a facebook ad for example, check the preview and save it for the moment you decide to invest in it.

All these actions are auto-saved and can be changed later on.

Yes. When you close the setting windows, you can check a preview of the posts you just configured by passing the mouse over the social timeline. Then you can also define where you’re going to post them. With the buttons on the right you can edit, clone (a new setting window will pop up) or exclude this social post.


After setting your blog post, you’ll be able to view each social post, its estimated date, and change it if necessary.

The social posts related to blog posts won’t show up on the production list, only on the Social area of the original blog post. They’ll be visible on the editorial calendar, though, all of them.


You’ll see the blog post and all related social posts (you can identify them as the blue icon)

Don’t forget that when a blog post is postponed, all related social posts will be delayed accordingly too.

Now it’s time to plan the best strategies to promote your content and focus on your production!


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