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Take advantage of your Instagram. It was launched in October 2010 and promptly gained popularity all over the world, connecting over 500 million active users per month and up to 300 million effective users every day. Inevitably, the platform evoked attention not only for personal, but also for comercial purposes.

In 2015, an estimate of 32% of all internet users adopted Instagram. In 2016 the number raised to an average of 42% . Moreover, around 57% of internet users in the age range between 55 and 65 years old do engage on the platform, showing that it’s success is not limited to youngsters.

Using Instagram’s organic traffic for comercial reasons is not as smooth as it is on Facebook and Twitter. The quickest solution, which requires some investment, is Instagram Ads – currently employed by many companies as part of their digital strategy.

Left out the use of ads, leading traffic from Instagram to your website might be troublesome. And so can be the management of your campaings, since not many tools are suitable for scheduling posts on the platform.

However, thinking of offbeat strategies, Instagram may become a considerable aid, bringing very positive outcomes. That’s what we are going to disclose next:


To ensure a more efficient strategy, use photos as well as footage. Videos actually are often more engaging and result in higher conversion rates.

As Insta videos don’t have to be long, you won’t invest much time recording. Besides, the platform grants an App calles Boomerang – to edit short videos on an endless loop.


Many brands have invested on stories to advertise their products, even building characters and plots to entertain the audience.

An advantage of using stories is not having to clutter up your timeline and still being able to leverage more spontaneous actions.


Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram, since users rely on them to look for their interests. They boost the number of followers and conversions, therefore it is clever to employ trendy hashtags or create content related to these ones.


Establishing a consistent strategy demands planning. Posting photos and videos whenever you feel like is far from sufficient. “Be seen, be recalled” is a motto, and without a consistent flow your brand risks losing visibility. Besides that, test different kinds of posts and get to better know your audience, their tastes and preferences. Try out!


There are loads of tools and apps designed to lift your posts. They can help creating and editing videos, photos, gifs, texts, and even effects.

For instance:

InstaSize: allows images to be published without cuts, in their original size.

Layout from Instagram: launched by the platform itself, it facilitates the edition of photos in several different layouts

VCSO: supports a more advanced level of edition. Using filters, users can work with brightness, contrast, shades, etc.

Boomerangas mentioned, also belongs to Instagram and produces video loops.

Flipagram: creates presentations as sequences of many pictures.

Leetags: increases visibility by rating and recommending the most fashionable hashtags of the moment.


Instagram is a unique social media, stricter than others when it comes down to businesses. Nevertheless, quantifying your results is still possible and essential, to ensure your strategy has been really effective.

Tools designed to monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns

Iconosquaredesigned to manage content, schedule posts, tag influencers and analyse your network’s behaviour through analytics.

AgoraPulse: schedule your posts and generate engagement reports.

SimplyMeasuredgenerates analysis reports every two months, analysis of key-words for comments, best timing for publishing pictures, more effective filters. It also compares your position in relation to the competition.

SproutSocial: schedules posts, manages content and checks performance through reports.

Have you ever tried any of these tools? Do you know any other ones?  Share your thoughts with us! And if you have any questions about content marketing, please contact one of our consultants.

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