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Evan Willians is co-founder of the 140-character-only-micro-blog-network Twitter and of blog network Blogger and, in 2012 also founded a network of super-blogs called Medium!


At first, the mission of the start-up, according to the CEO Ev, was “to fix what had been broken in the world of journalism and to create a new model”. Basically, Ev’s theory was an inversion in the model where the journalism (journalist) is rewarded not for the quality but for the range or popularity (in other words, ADS).

Throughout its brief ongoing life and $134m of raised capital from some of the most important investors in the Valley (Andreessen Horowits, Greylock Partners e GV), much has changed in relation to Evan’s original plan. Still, the platform growth has been constant and more and more professionals (and companies) are adopting the tool as their main channel to distribute content.

What the hell is Medium?

In a nut shell, Medium can be defined as a mix of CMS (like WordPress or Joomla) and social media (such as Twitter, Facebook). That’s ’cause besides creating and publishing your content, you can also interact with other authors, follow channels, “like”, recommend and share posts. Any person or company can create a profile and take their first steps, for free.


Till not long ago, Medium used to be 100% free. But in the beginning of 2017, the company decided to sack 1/3 of workers and “re-invent” itself. According to Ev, the original purpose of the startup had not been successfully pursued, redirections were needed (read his own testimonial on Medium) and that’s how “members-only-content” came up.

What makes Medium special, really?

Well, if your focus is on quality, that’s what the platform aims: to deliver quality content. For that, it has some special features:

– An editorial team working full-time on the curation of articles;

– An algorithm that prioritizes the highest-quality pieces of content;

– An unique dedication to lean design and UX;

– WYSIWYG Editor (What you see is what you get).

How to use Medium as Marketing Channel for my business?

At first, a good reason to adopt Medium as Marketing Channel is the easy access and onboarding. You don’t have to know ’bout codes, html, css, layouts, etc… All you have to do is to connect your profile with another social media, customize basic preferences and that’s it.

In terms of proeminence, you will be competing in the same level as any market competitor. Being an Ads-free platform, the definite criterion for your content to be more (or less) depicted is its quality, very differently from the Ads model, where those who pay more get more views.

Also, since the chronological order of Medium posts is the opposite from traditional CMSs, you won’t be penalized nor miss out views in case you stay away for some weeks or even months without updating your “profile”.

As other social social media, Medium is considered “rented land”, therefore you will be subject to their rules and there are no guarantees these rules aren’t changing in the mid or long-term. Exactly for that reason, many companies choose to “repost” pieces of content previously published on their site / blog. This strategy makes even more sense when we consider that Medium target-public is highly qualified, since due to its algorithm your content will be offered to professionals who have shown previous interest in the area.

Besides all the above, through your collections and the “Medium Curated” articles (manually selected by the editor’s team) you will have access to a kind of “Branded Content” with no extra cost.

Now that you know what Medium is and what it’s for, what about integrating Contentools and Medium via Zapier? To check how you can do it, click here.

See you there!

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