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If marketing teams want to create amazing infographics, they need to work together as a cohesive team.

When one piece fails to communicate their expectations or ask the right questions, the infographic falters — either in the design elements, research, or copy.

The business side needs to start with a productive ideation.

Along with coming up with catchy ideas, they need to brainstorm possible design elements that the designer could use. Not only will this make work easier for the designer, it will also set up the expectations of what the business team wants.

The business team should also bring research to the ideation process. Research should be conducted before they decide on a topic as a way to make sure they can actually find the data that they want to discuss. Failure to incorporate either of these parts in the ideation process can slow the process or lead to scrapped ideas.

Along with ideation, the business team also needs to create a marketing plan for the infographics.

At its most basic level, who is the target audience that will read this? Who will you promote it to?

Advanced marketing teams will also ask the designers for supplemental marketing materials like banners and Instagram images so the creatives can deliver a complete package instead of adding more hours and requests after they finish the main deliverable.

The responsibility to create amazing infographics extends beyond the graphic design team. Both parties need to work together if they want to create something that has substance as well as shine.

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