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How has Contentools conquered a prominent position on the quality of life in the workplace rank

Recently the news outlet InfoMoney released a list of tech companies that offer the highest quality of life in the workplace. Contentools has come in 6th place in the ranking of the article based on the information collected by LoveMondays.

Being in such a position is not a coincidence, but the result of consistent and intense work that we do. At Contentools, all efforts are aimed at making things meaningful for all the parties involved in the value chain, be it clients, partners or shareholders.

As our CEO Emília Chagas says in her manifest, “I don’t want to merely consume, I want quality of life. I want to have fun. I want to be respected and valued by my friends. I want to have relationships, and to love. I want to learn, to evolve as a human being and as a better professional.” And we take all of this very seriously here.

On this post, we decided to present the 5 reasons that make Contentools one of the tech companies with the highest quality of life in the workplace. Check it out!

1) We have inspiring leaders

(Our CMO, Elton Miranda, mentoring at the Google HQs in San Francisco)

If you ever come to Contentools, you will have a hard time pointing out the leaders and managers from the other employees. This happens because our managers are always in touch with us, sitting side-by-side. This close and horizontal relationship on the management level makes communication easy, allowing an alignment of what we want for our futures.

Our leaders are role-models for us. Besides being completely assertive and accessible, every day they teach us by example of what we want to follow and achieve. And I am not talking about professionalism only! Emília and Elton (CEO and CMO, respectively) since the end of 2016 face the challenge of running a global company and looking after the newest family member: baby Ellen. And my God they do it well! Seeing two people being able to conciliate two tasks with such enthusiasm is inspiring.

2) The freedom to come, go, be and have

Here at Contentools we don’t care for formalities, be it timetables, dress-code, etc. We are driven by goals and results, so you don’t have to worry about how many hours you spend here, but with the quality of your delivery. We don’t have a dress-code either. Each one of us is free to wear what we want.

Speaking of freedom, Contentools also gives you space and support so you can have a family while building your career. We have in our headquarters a space in which our team members can bring their babies to spend the day. Emília and Elton were the first to bring their baby (Ellen <3) and to show how it is possible to work and still being able to maintain symbiosis with their little ones.

3) Happy Hour every month

We have a Happy Hour every month here! The guys also hang out weekly at a place nearby, we also have a happy hour (paid by Contentools) that happens on the last Friday of the month. This habit is valuable because it tightens the bonds between team members (inside and outside of their field) and makes it possible to meet our co-workers outside of the professional environment when the mockery is accepted.

4) Weekly meditation practice

Every Wednesday in the end of the afternoon we have a 20-minute guided meditation. The frequent meditation practice helps us to think clearly and with more quality. We believe that if people feel better, they can perform better. Because of that, we spare no efforts when it comes to promoting well-being among our team members, be it through meditation or other practices.

5) Organizational Culture

We know how important it is to have people that are aligned with our culture. More than that, we value the importance of people who are willing to aggregate value to this culture. That is, to analyze someone’s “cultural fit”; to think about how the diversity of ideas, life experiences, and backgrounds can enrich the environment here, making it more diverse and creative.

We know that the more diverse is the group of people are calling the shots, the higher are the chances of us making the right decisions by considering more variables in the process. That is why we promote autonomy, so that everybody can have a call in the decisions, for their specific fields, and for the whole company as well.

Our culture foundations also promote autonomous, challenging and pleasant work. The first foundation is Togetherness. It represents how much we value teamwork and collective effort to reach megalomaniacal goals. Our second cultural foundation is Defy Your Limits. It means that we don’t like comfort. We prefer to take risks (even if they lead to failures) to comfort-seeking attitude. And being a part of an exceptional group of people harness that. It may not be ideal for everybody, but that’s the price you pay if you want to have a team of high-performers.

Another foundation that we have is Be the Solution, which means we don’t like to delegate tasks. We have autonomy and the responsibility to find solutions for the problems we face. That gives people a sense of ownership, once we are responsible for either the success or the failure of Contentools.

Manuella Fretta Contentools

Lastly, and not less important, we have Enjoy the Ride as a cultural foundation. It represents our passion for what we do. It goes without saying that at times we have to do something we don’t like, but we always balance that. Besides, the relaxed atmosphere, the nice guys and the interaction moments make it easier to have a good work environment all the time.

Extra: We like to mess around

When it comes to messing around Contentools is the standard. One cannot leave the computer unattended for 5 minutes here. We got the classics (send an e-mail to the whole company, leave “soft” messages on the slack), and the innovators (Neymar extension on chrome, try it). At the end of the day, everything is about having a good laugh and a healthy dose of “being a sport”.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour at Contentools! We are always open to show a little bit more of what we do around here. We always post something about it on our Instagram. You can follow us there!

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