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If you log in at your Contentools workspace right now, you’ll notice some things have changed.

If you have no idea how it looked before and are curious to see what I’m talking about, you can try it out here.

At Contentools, we are obsessed over customers’ feedback, how they use the platform and how we can make their lives easier.

To do that, we invest a lot of time and effort listening to them.

As a consequence the platform is and will be constantly enhanced and improved, with one sole goal in mind: simplify content marketing!

As we’ve made some big changes lately, I decided to write a few lines about what we did.

New Side Bar Menu

Redesigned main menu, moving it to the left side of the screen, to make more room for your content.

Hovering over it,  you will have fast access to the project menu: idea pipeline, production, editorial calendar and integration management.

contentools new realease

This simplifies the way you navigate across multiple projects and smoothens up switching between tools and features, hopefully making the experience even more enjoyable.

New Upper Bar

Restructured the upper side of your screen to facilitate access to general settings.

contentools new release

On the left side of the screen, you can access company and project settings;

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see notifications and user information.

New Releases

  • Daily digest: a summarized email about what have happened in your project during the day;
  • Multilingual platform: now you also have access to a Portuguese version of the system.

Content Marketing is not trivial. It requires effort and devotion.

That’s why we work no-stop to improve the platform, with the final goal of simplifying the life of those who deal with content every day.

Help us help you: keep sending us feedback about what’s working and what’s missing and on how to make our platform even better.

You, who believe in content, and us are in this journey together, and together will revolutionise content marketing.

Thanks for your feedback and support, hope you’ll enjoy the results.

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