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So many posts, so little time, right? I’m borrowing Frank Kappa’s famous quote (and updating it a bit) to share a common sentiment: there are so many marketers to follow, SO MUCH information out there, great articles and incredible insights from experienced people in our industry on every social media channel that it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with what’s important right now.

I’m all about productivity so I disabled the notifications from my phone a while ago. But I only did that after I was sure the best content and the information I actually needed would get to me when I needed it.

Here’s how you too can save valuable time and stay informed:

  1. Follow the best newsletters in our industry, like the one from Content Marketing Institute or ones that curate content, like GrowthHackers’.
  2. Select the hashtags you’re interested in on LinkedIn to improve your feed. Mine are #contentmarketing, #socialmedia, #machinelearning, #contentstrategy and #digitalmarketing.
  3. Follow the right people on social media and read what they publish, share and curate.

A curated list of marketers to follow

I’m doing you a solid here and sharing the profiles I’ve been following for a while now and that have brought me truly valuable information. Make no mistake, if I follow someone who spams or doesn’t add much value, I unfollow in no time. No hard feelings, it’s all about productivity.

So here’s my personal list, in alphabetical order:

1. Aaron Agius

  • Who’s the marketer: Aaron is co-Founder and Managing Director of Louder.Online, a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in Search, Content & Social Marketing. He started his own consultancy in 2008 and his clients include global brands such as Salesforce, IBM, Ford, LG, Coca-Cola, Intel, and more.
  • Why I follow: On Twitter Aaron curates content on digital strategy and shares his own articles and on LinkedIN he posts on PPC campaign conversion and other more technical SEO best practices, always worth the read.
  • Where I follow: Twitter, LinkedIN.

2. Ann Handley

  • Who’s the marketer: Ann is known as the world’s first Chief Content Officer. She’s a bestselling author of two books, a speaker and the head of Content at MarketingProfs, a marketing education & training company.
  • Why I follow: She posts about marketing leadership and her love for writing. I met Ann a couple years ago when we were both speakers at an event in Latin America and I have followed her on social media since. She’s full of wit and makes funny remarks on branded content copy (the good, the bad and the ugly), and she also shares book recommendations every week.
  • Where I follow: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

3. Ben Jacobson

  • Who’s the marketer: A content and social media marketing specialist, Ben has been a digital branding professional since the early days of social media, having overseen projects for brands including MTV and National Geographic. He also writes for The Next Web, Social Media Examiner and other publications.
  • Why I follow: I met Ben last year in Helsinki during Slush, a tech conference I attended invited by Google to speak on AI for Marketing. Ben interviewed me on the topic and I got to learn more about his consulting business, which connects SEO services to lead generation goals for SaaS companies. On his social media profiles Ben shares his articles and curates content from credible sources.
  • Where I follow: Twitter and LinkedIN.

4. Erika Heald

  • Who’s the marketer: Erika is a content marketing and social media consultant, focusing on technology and specialty food startups.
  • Why I follow: I started following Erika a couple years ago after watching her contributions to the ContentChats, a weekly twitter chat that brings together content creators and content marketers to share their challenges and best practices for solving them. Erika took over hosting from Lucy Rendler-Kaplan since 2016.
  • Where I follow: Twitter.

5. Evan Kirstel

  • Who’s the marketer: Evan reaches tens of millions through InfluencerSQUARED, a network of fellow B2B thought leaders and digital social practitioners. He focuses on helping B2B tech brands achieve visibility on social media landscape in areas like mobile, blockchain, cloud, 5G, HealthTech, IoT, AI, Digital Health, crypto, AR, VR, Big Data, Analytics and CyberSecurity.
  • Why I follow: I enjoy Evan’s tweets and comments on Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and 5G — and I’m not alone, his direct social media following includes more than 400,000 people (280K Twitter, 55K LinkedIn and 95K Instagram followers).
  • Where I follow: Twitter and LinkedIN.

6. Jay Baer

  • Who’s the marketer: A digital marketer for over 25 years, Jay Baer has consulted on marketing and customer experience for more than 700 companies, including 34 of the FORTUNE 500. Before his move into digital marketing in 1994 he was a brand marketer and a political consultant, with major roles in state, federal and presidential electoral campaigns.
  • Why I follow: I started following Jay Baer right after reading his second book, Youtility, which brings the concept of how the new marketing has to be connected to helping customers long before they purchase the product. On his latest book, Talk Triggers, he focuses on word of mouth and its connection to excellent customer experience.
  • Where I follow: TwitterNewsletter and Podcast.

7. Larry Kim

  • Who’s the marketer: ranked the #8 most popular author on Medium, Larry is CEO of MobileMonkey, Inc. a Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform. Before that, he founded WordStream (acquired by Gannett in June 2018).
  • Why I follow: Larry Kim was a speaker at The Growth Marketing Virtual Summit last year and his presentation was right before mine. As I prepared to follow after him on the virtual stage I watched his talk on Facebook Messenger Marketing and was immediately hooked. Larry talks and writes in an objective, succinct way that makes complex ideas sound simple. What’s not to like?
  • Where I follow: Twitter and Medium.

8. Lee Odden

  • Who’s the marketer: Lee Odden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing, digital marketing agency that serves companies in the B2B technology, healthcare and services industries. TopRank’s blog is ranked one of the leading and most influential ones on the web by the Content Marketing Institute.
  • Why I follow: I’ve first heard of Lee Odden’s through his webcasts on B2B content on BrightTalk and started following him on Twitter, where he shares great articles, lists and compilations created by Lane Ellis and his talented content team.
  • Where I follow: Twitter and BrightTalk.

9. Lilach Bullock

  • Who’s the marketer: Lilach is a consultant specialized in content creation, tech & digital adoption, lead generation, website conversion, as well as public speaking.
  • Why I follow: Lilach is an operator and from the articles and helpful tools she creates and shares on social media, like this content calendar template, it’s clear she’s on to providing solutions to the daily struggles of fellow content marketers.
  • Where I follow: Twitter.

10. Jessi Craige Shikman

  • Who’s the marketer: Jessi Craige Shikman is a storyteller with experience in working with tech companies, executives and leaders.
  • Why I follow: Jessi is the editor of one of my favorite newsletters, the First Round Review, where she interviews tech leaders and unveils Silicon Valley’s top business strategies from executives on the front lines and behind-the-scenes.
  • Where I follow: Twitter and The Review.

11. Mark Schaefer

  • Who’s the marketer: A keynote speaker, marketing strategist and podcaster, Mark Schaefer has also written 7 books, including Marketing Rebellion.
  • Why I follow: Mark shares his take on trends and includes quite a few wake up calls for marketers between one article suggestion and another.
  • Where I follow: Twitter and LinkedIN.

12. Mark Traphagen

  • Who’s the marketer: on top of being the VP of Content Strategy at the digital agency AimClear, Mark Traphagen is an in-demand speaker at SMX, State of Search, Pubcon and other conferences. He’s also a columnist for Search Engine Journal and Marketing Land.
  • Why I follow: on Twitter, Mark Traphagen shares his perceptions on the market, with insights taken from the content strategies of companies he consults to recommendations on events and fellow marketer’s articles.
  • Where I follow: Twitter.

13. Neal Schaffer

  • Who’s the marketer: Neal Schaffer is the CEO of PDCA Social, agency specialized in helping Japanese companies with North American and English-speaking digital and social media marketing. He’s also a social media teacher and keynote speaker.
  • Why I follow: Neal shares success studies of both B2B and B2C companies, his webinars and interviews with CXOs on social and customer experience strategies. He also publishes free tools and suggestions on how to improve performance on Instagram and LinkedIN.
  • Where I follow: Twitter and LinkedIN

14. Peter Caputa IV

  • Who’s the marketer: former VP of Partnerships at Hubspot, Peter launched his own startup a few years ago, Databox, which is a software designed to help agencies deliver more performance reports for customers.
  • Why I follow: to stay up to date on partner program best practices as well as to read the reports and studies on topics that go from distribution channels to lists of the top marketing agencies.
  • Where I follow: Twitter and LinkedIN.

15. Sam Hurley

  • Who’s the marketer: As a marketing consultant, Sam delivers through his agency Opti-Eyez services that go from digital PR to link building and growth hacking.
  • Why I follow: We’ve talked about Sam Hurley’s popularity on Twitter before, as he was considered one of the most prolific influencers even before he had a website of his own. I kept following him all these years for the high-level curated content he shares, covering from neuro-marketing to branding and AI.
  • Where I follow: Twitter.

Now tell me, who are the marketers you follow and I should include on my list?

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